Project Cecil PAC

Building a 21st Century Cecil County”


Project Cecil PAC

Project Cecil PAC is a non-partisan association of active citizens, business and community leaders, dedicated to improving the health, wealth, and culture of Cecil County.

Project Cecil will provide voter education, voter registration drives, work on County measures to combat opioid addiction, pursue economic development, minority and criminal justice issues; as such will provide funding during the 2020-22 elections to slates and candidates who advance those issues.

Our Philosophy

Our overall wealth has been achieved because of the free enterprise system. A system of strong property rights is necessary in a free enterprise system. It is this free enterprise system that has allowed for the dynamic growth of the  economy and increased its overall prosperity. Therefore, a limited government, that extends to economic choices; by which most decisions about what, how, and for whom to produce are left to market forces rather than government dictates.

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Conservative Values

Sound principles, based on natural law, as defined in Our Constitution.  Government has no control over our ideas, our hearts, or our minds.  Government has no place in regulating the values in our homes, our churches, and in the decision we make about our health and well-being.

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Fiscally Responsible

Good Government is funded by fair, limited and reasoned taxation and fees. Derived at, by consent of the governed, through their representatives.  Good Government reduces the common burdens necessary to a prosperous Good Society by enhancing economic growth, safety and stability to be shared by all.

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Inalienable Rights

The 1st & 2nd Amendments, are the founding principle against any tyranny, and no better example of natural law, and the power of the individual as opposed to those of State.  All measures should be taken to protect and strengthen these amendments by ensuring safe norms and accommodations to foster a Good Society.

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